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DSEAR risk assessments, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax, York, Hull, Yorkshire and Humberside.

DSEAR stands for the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002. The DSEAR regulations are designed to protect workers from potential fire and explosion risks due to the presence of dangerous substances. The law requires DSEAR risk assessments to be completed by employers to ascertain how workers and members of the public are protected from the possibilities of fire or explosion from dangerous substances in the workplace.

Dangerous substances can be found in many workplaces. They include paints; varnishes; solvents; flammable gases or liquids such as oil, lubricants or fuels; dust from machines or foodstuffs; pressurised gasses and compounds that are corrosive to metal such as acids or oxidising agents. It includes anything which could harm people as a result of fire, explosion or corrosion of metal.

This includes substances which are:

  1. Raw materials /process materials/all spare stored materials brought into the workplace and handles, stored and used for processing
  2. By products produced or given off (eg as fumes, vapour, dust etc) by a process as a planned activity or as a result as an incident or accident:
  3. Used for or arise from maintenance, cleaning or repair work
  4. Produced as a by-product of any work or process (eg waste, residues, scrap materials etc)
  5. Naturally occurring in the workplace such as methane which may be present in tunnelling and mining operations

What does a DSEAR risk assessment do?

The first task is to find out what dangerous substances are present on the workplace and what are the risks associated with them. If a dangerous substance is present then the DSEAR Regulations requires that a DSEAR risk assessment be completed. It requires that the risk be reduced or eliminated and that there are plans, procedures and equipment in place to deal with accidents, incidents or emergencies. There is a responsibility on the employer to ensure that employees are appropriately trained to control and deal with the associated risks and have all the relevant information about the dangerous substance. In addition employers must identify and classify areas in the workplace where explosive atmospheres may occur and ensure that there are no potential ignition sources.

DSEAR risk assessments work alongside the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and should not impose additional burdens for organisations that already have good working practices.

Why DSEAR Risk assessments from Sentient?

DSEAR risk assessments from Sentient provide you with sound advice on how to comply with the regulations. Our DSEAR risk assessors will conduct an investigation of how you currently stand and give guidance on how to address any weaknesses. We pride ourselves on providing pragmatic advice that specifically addresses the issues applicable to your business.

Sentient provide a DSEAR risk assessment that is independent and authoritative. The review systematically looks at policies, procedures and working practices and provides you with a comprehensive assessment and report that gives recommendations and actions that need to be completed to comply with the regulations.  

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