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HR Advice for Employers 

Huddersfield, Halifax, Rochdale, Oldham and surrounds

Sentient provides HR advice and support to employers in Huddersfield, Halifax, Rochdale, Oldham and surrounding areas. We act as employers’ outsourced HR department, providing HR advice so helping employers to stay on the right side of the law and help performance of employees. We do this through supplying employment, organisational and training solutions that exactly meets the requirements of the organisation.

What HR advice do we offer?

Trying to answer some simple questions can quickly assist you make a decision if you need Sentient’s HR advice for employers; 

Do you completely understand what effect the complexities of modern-day employment regulation have on your business?

Can you really say you’re making the most of your staff? 

Do you and your managers know how to recruit, conduct performance reviews and manage difficult employees in a way that does not position you in danger of being taken to tribunal?

Are you aware of all the employment law statutes that effect who you employ and the rights of those employees? If not, you, your business or company could be at risk.

It is understandable that you want to concentrate on building your business and issues with people can get in the way. That’s where HR advice from Sentient can help. It lets you get on with the things you know about and allows us to look after those HR issues that could take up huge amounts of management time.

HR advice is a complicated aspect of management, with errors proving easy to make and expenses related to it escalating. Regardless of the introduction of fees that employees now need to pay to enter into a tribunal hearing, we have seen a range of complex cases being submitted which have caused problems for employers. In turn this has increased the legal fees of handling them. For an affordable monthly fee, HR advice from Sentient ensures that the chances of incurring these heavy tribunal costs are minimised.

As businesses grow, the number of times that HR Advice is required will increase with it. Most organisations are not large enough or allow for a full time qualified HR specialist. Sentient provides HR advice that covers this shortfall. With sentient you have HR advice and employment lawyers available to you 7 days a week without incurring the costs that employed staff would bring.

Typical issues that our HR support consultants deal with on a day to day basis include how to deal with poor performing employees or how to manage prolonged absences. We are also commonly asked about how to handle grievances and how we can make an employee redundant aat the same time minimising any chance of a tribunal being brought. In fact we look after everything from age discrimination to whistle blowing. 

Why chose HR Advice from Sentient?

We understand that choosing the right organisation to provide you with HR advice can be time consuming and confusing, so Sentient make it easy for you. All our friendly HR support consultants are CIPD qualified and/or have appropriate legal qualifications. We provide pragmatic and down to earth HR advice, free from jargon.

Hr advice for empoyers image2Our HR advice service contracts are extremely flexible. We will provide anything from drawing up contracts of employment, and employee handbooks, to putting in place specific policies on issues such as sick leave or maternity/paternity leave, through to managing disciplinary procedures. We will provide fixed price yearly contracts to cover any HR advice or Employment Law issue you want to throw at us, or work on a project basis, where you have one specific HR problem that you need resolving.

Where we differ from many other companies is that we will actually work with you in your business. For example, rather than just provide HR advice about a grievance procedure and let you get on with it, if you prefer, we will write all the necessary correspondence and should you wish for even closer support, attend and run any meetings that may be required. We work as if we were part of your team from the start to the conclusion of the process.

All our HR advice services and recommendations are tailor made to suit your organisation and its current circumstances. With Sentient, you’ll gain HR support from pragmatic experts who understand the law as well as the day to day reality of managing staff. We’ll make sure your systems and documents are up to date and legal, and we’ll identify and address HR and training issues in order to boost your performance.

In addition we can back up our advice with the option of Legal Expenses Insurance Policy which provides protection against the costs of defending employment tribunal claims that may be brought against you. More details...

To find out more about Sentients HR advice for employers in Huddersfield, Halifax, Rochdale, Oldham and surrounds please get in touch.  

HR Advice Packages - Prices 

Our employment law consultants are flexible and provide employment law advice for employers in a variety of ways. From ad hoc contracts to dealing with specific issues such as a pending tribunal, yearly “all you can eat” contracts, providing a complete employment law advisory service, or working with you in your business to ensure all essential employment law issues are covered. Call 03456 446 006 for a quote.

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