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Health and safety advice in Hull and York area, from Sentient UK

Health and Safety legislation applies to any organisation that has five or more employees. Health and safety policies, procedures and arrangements need to be in place to address employees health and safety at work.

Health and safety consultantsSentient have been providing employers with pragmatic Health and Safety advice and guidance in Hull, York area for many years. Our Health and Safety advice has helped to reduce risk to employees and improve the bottom line. All our Health and Safety advice has a strong focus on activities that help keep employees safe. Our Health and Safety advice provides cost effective and tangible benefits for the business plus helps to keep employers legally compliant.

For the growing business it is easy to lose sight of how many staff you have and what Health and Safety responsibilities that brings. 

You and your employees, managers and directors could face criminal prosecution if you don’t have written Health and Safety documents including:

With sound Health and Safety advice It’s easy to avoid the financial cost of prosecution and protect the good reputation of the organisation.  Health and Safety advice from Sentient, allows you to meet your immediate obligations quickly and efficiently and provides you with an ongoing safety monitoring and advisory service to make sure you don’t fall into the same trap again.

What does Health and Safety advice from Sentient do for the employer?

With Sentients Health and Safety advice we will ensure that your business complies with Health and Safety Legislation at the right time, for the right reason and as painlessly as possible.  As part of our Health and Safety advice service, we will:

  • Update your processes, health and safety policy and paperwork to be compliant with future changes in health and safety legislation / acts / statutes / regulations
  • Carry out regular inspections and monitoring
  • Provide legal and safety advice 24/7
  • Advise on what needs to be included in Health and Safety risk assessments
  • Investigate serious emergencies and accidents
  • Liaise with enforcing authorities such as the Health and Safety Executive and local Environmental Health departments
  • Deliver regular safety awareness training for managers and supervisors.

Sentient help set up your Health and Safety management system, provide you with all the relevant documentation and advise on the procedures you must follow to ensure that any visit from a Health and Safety Inspector passes without major incident. Our health and safety advisors have worked with the HSE for many years and have great insight into what they look for when performing checks and what companies need to do to ensure they comply with relevant legislation.

What areas of Health and Safety advice do Sentient cover?Health and safety advice consultant

The answer is virtually everything! Anything from risk assessments and compliance audits, COSHH assessments to hazard storage advice, asbestos surveys and machinery risks assessments, DSEAR risk assessments plus everything in between. We can provide you with all the forms you need to assess and manage the general risks in your business plus also risk from specific issues such as manual handling, and fire risks.

All our Health and Safety advice and recommendations are tailor made to suit your organisation and its current circumstances. We provide you with the Health and Safety advice that not only identifies the risks but provides you with procedures that make sure that any risks stay fixed.

What does Health and Safety advice from Sentient cost?

Our team of experienced Health and Safety advice consultants have backgrounds in a wide variety of industries and we work with organisations of all sizes. Consequently we are very flexible on the types of health and safety advice contracts that we offer. Everything from annual “everything included, fixed fee, 24 hour support”, to ad hoc projects/events and day rate services. We also offer a comprehensive range of Health and Safety advice courses and have a number of online Health and Safety courses so you can train staff to identify and spot health and safety risks and put the necessary procedures in place to tackle them. We are very cost effective, but whatever the cost, we guarantee it will be far less than having an accident!

To find out more about Health and Safety advice in Hull, York area and surrounds contact us or call us on 03456 446006. 

Call us now on 03456 446006

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