Managing these areas is becoming more and more complex and at Sentient we understand how your business can be thrown into chaos by regulations. That’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to take good care of the legal side, leaving you free to run your business.

Most small organisations do not have the luxury of qualified in house HR services departments. However experience tells us that with the complexities of Employment Law and the ever increasing number of laws regarding Health and Safety and Food Hygiene, it is inevitable that there will be times where specialist knowledge is required. That’s where Sentient can help.

Our fully qualified HR Services and Employment Law experts act as your own/in-house HR department, providing help and guidance on anything from Employee Handbooks, to advising and participating in Employment Tribunals and Court Hearings. Similarly our Health and Safety specialists are there to provide advice on risk assessments, develop your Health and Safety Policy and carry out accident investigations on an as needed basis. If your business handles or prepares food then our Food Hygiene and Safety experts can assist you with all aspects of your Food Safety Management System and provide help and guidance on what to expect in any Environment Health Food Safety Inspection. Finally we offer a wide range of management training courses in all aspects of HR, Health and Safety and Food Hygiene plus many other soft skills.

What can you expect with Sentient?

We provide Employment Law advice, HR Services Support, Health & Safety and Food Hygiene advice to our clients round the clock 24 x 7. We also assign you a specific advisor so you are able to speak to the same person each time. Our company is specialised. We only deal with Employment Law, Heath and Safety and Food Safety, unlike many of our competitors who have a wider range of legal and advisory services. Being so specialised means we deal with the same sort of issues day in day out, we’ve pretty much seen everything, so we are in a better position to advise clients on allaspects of HR Services, Employment Law, Health and Safety and Food Hygiene even the rare and unusual ones! 

How do we work?

All our Employment Law, Health and Safety and Food Hygiene advisors work exclusively with employers (rather than employees) and we are unashamedly on the side of the employer. Rather than just provide advice and let you get on with it, we will work actively with you in a practical way that meets the needs of your business. We provide pragmatic advice, cut out the legal jargon and will work in your business providing support as if we were your own legal team.

Dealing with solicitors, trades union officials and other employee representatives, health and safety inspectors or food hygiene inspectors can be a daunting prospect for employers. Our Employment Law, Health and Safety and Food Hygiene advisors deal with these sorts of people every day and will do so, on your behalf, as if they were part of your company.

How much does it cost?

Probably less than you think! We provide bespoke quotes for every job we do or contract we propose. The charges are based on your type of business, the types of services that you require, the complexity and extent of the tasks and support required and the size of your business. We offer annual contracts, paid monthly and ad hoc contracts to cover specific one off events that employers may face; such as an Employment Tribunals or setting up a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. With all of our Employment Law, Health and Safety and Food Hygiene services you only pay for what you need.