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Employment Tribunal Representation Service

Leeds Bradford Wakefield and surrounds

Sentient provide employment tribunal representation services for employers of all sizes. Employment Tribunals routinely run in excess of 100,000 new cases registered each year. It is not unusual to see costs and awards reaching £50,000 or above.Tribunal Representation Service

We believe that prevention is better than a cure. Hence all Sentient’s employment law and HR services are aimed at ensuring the employer never finds themselves in a position where employment tribunal representation services are required. Our 24 hour employment help line and HR support service ensures that advice is available to employers to keep you on the right side of the law and give guidance. This minimises the chances of a employment tribunal representation being needed, but just in case it is, you can rest assured that we are well prepared and will be able to defend from a position of strength.

What claims does Sentient’s Employment Tribunals Representation Service cover?

The law gives employees the right to make an Employment Tribunal claim for:

  • Unfair, constructive or wrongful dismissal

  • Breach of contract

  • Redundancy & redundancy pay

  • Discrimination on grounds of race, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief

  • Maternity, paternity and parental related reasons

  • Assertion of a Statutory Right

  • Health and Safety concerns

  • Trade union duties or activities

  • Unlawful deduction from wages

  • Whistle blowing

  • Flexible working requests

What is the Employment Tribunal Representation process?

Even before an employment tribunal claim is made, our consultants will work with you to resolve any employee grievances. We are experts at compromise agreements which may resolve issues with employees in a way that protects the employers business from potentially costly employment tribunal defences.

Should the prospective employee, employee or ex-employee submit a claim to the employment tribunal office, then our consultants will prepare your response. This must be done within 28 days, otherwise you may not be able to defend your case. The response is considered by an employment judge who will instruct what actions each party needs to complete to prepare for the full hearing. This may take the form of preparation of various documents, collection of witness statements and agreeing dates that evidence should be exchanged between parties.

Occasionally the employment tribunal judge requests that a preliminary hearing takes place prior to the tribunal. ACAS will also be instructed to contact both parties in an attempt to see if a financial agreement can be reached without having to proceed to full employment tribunal. Many disputes are settled by these means without the need for the case proceeding to a full hearing. Whatever is needed, our employment tribunal consultants will work on your behalf liaising with the authorities and other parties to protect your business.

Employment Tribunal Representation -  what do our consultants do?

Em[ploment tribunal represenation scalesOur team of specialists have experience in all of the above Employment Tribunal Representation claims and can advise you at every stage, from dealing with grievances in the first place, to representing you in court. Our employment tribunal representation consultants are experts in building witness statements, collating documentary evidence, preparing the legal argument, briefing witnesses and ensuring recent case law is considered.

Sentient’s employment tribunal representation consultants hold your hand every step of the process. While you have the right to represent yourself at an employment tribunal, those who are not familiar with the proceeding can find it stressful experience. Our employment tribunal representation consultants have the knowledge and skills and are practiced at such hearings. They are perfectly positioned to ensure that your case is defended in the strongest possible way.

Sentient provides legal advice through solicitors regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

If you ever need employment traibunal representation please just give us a call on the number below. 

Call us now on 03456 446006

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