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Employment Law Advice for Employers 

Harrogate Wetherby York and surrounds

Employment law advice for employers

Sentient have been providing employment law advice to employers of all business types of all sizes in Harrogate, Wetherby, York and the rest of Yorkshire for over 20 years. Employment law is complex and is surrounded in red tape. It can be a burden for employers without specialist knowledge or in house employment lawyers. We ensure that employers stay on the right side of the law and reduce the possibility of tribunal claims being made against them. 

Do I really need employment law advice?

There are many pitfalls for the unwary employer when it comes to employment law. Keeping up to date with changes in legislation can be a huge burden for employers. Without understanding what the changes may mean for their business, employers can easily find themselves in situations that can be costly to remedy. On the other hand, the cost to a business of employing a suitably qualified full time employment law advisor can be prohibitive. This is where Sentient come in. Our employment law advisors work for you as if they were part of your organisation, but for an affordable fixed monthly fee.

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When should I look for employment law advice?

Surprisingly for some employers, the answer is - before you start considering employing someone! While most employers understand that there are rules and legal requirements they have to work within, what they sometimes fail to realise is that there are laws that apply even before a person is given the job.  If this legislation is breached it could result in the potential employee pursuing a discrimination claim in an employment tribunal.

This could be brought about by simply requesting in the job advertisement qualifications that are not necessary, asking “wrong” interview questions or asking for “wrong” information in an application form could put you at risk. These are mistakes that the unqualified or inexperienced interviewer can easily make. To complicate matters there are even more traps for employers that could lead to claims on grounds of discrimination, age, sex, religion, disability or race. All of these claims at tribunal can have unlimited awards. 

Expectations for employees should be set at the earliest opportunity. With employment law advice form Sentient we do this by ensuring the employee has comprehensive and unequivocal contracts of employment which spell out the needs of the business and policies and procedures the employee is required to follow. We often find that many contracts of employment have been established over time by custom and practice or hard to prove verbal agreements. If this applies to your organisation it could be a problem waiting to happen.

Sentient provide employment law advice for employers that ensures vital content is included in any such contract of employment. It gives the employer the peace of mind that they are not only legally compliant, but they have secured the ability to manage their employees.

Flexible contracts for employment law advice 

Our employment law consultants are flexible and provide employment law advice for employers in a variety of ways. It varies from specific short term contracts that deal with a particular issue such as a pending tribunal, to yearly contracts that give you unlimited access to employment law advisors. We provide just as much cover as you need, so if for example you are happy to run a disciplinary hearing after taking our advice what to do, we leave it to you. If you require our support on site to run it, then we will be there for you. Sentient provide a complete employment law advisory service or work with you in your business to ensure all essential employment law issues are covered. We work however you want to work and can work within most budgets accordingly.

What are typical employment law queries?

The most common type of employment law advice that we are asked for revolve around subjects such as how to handle difficult employees and how to manage a redundancy or termination. We also provide employment law advice on how to manage absence issues, how to handle maternity/paternity leave, grievances and issues surrounding poor performing employees.  In fact we offer employment law advice regarding just about anything from age discrimination to whistle blowing.

emlployment law advice from lawyerOur employment law consultants are either legally qualified in employment law or are CIPD accredited with considerable experience with the type of employment law advice being offered. We will provide you with all the documentation and letters needed for typical employment law queries, tailored where appropriate for specific issues. Employment law advice for employers from Sentient also ensures that you are kept fully up to date with changes in the law and the implications that those changes may mean for your business. We operate a continuous backup service and offer employment law advice for 24 x 7, meaning you can sleep safe in the knowledge that the resolution of any employment law issues is being looked after by Sentient. 

Call us now on 03456 446006 

Sentient Group Ltd 49-51 Pegholme, Wharfebank Business Centre, Otley, Leeds, LS21 3JP

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