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Employment Law Advice for Employers 

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Employment law advice for employers

Sentient provide employment law advice and guidance to employers. Employment law can be complex and easy to fall foul of. Every day we help employers with employment law advice arising from absence issues, redundancies, dismissals, poor performing employees, maternity and paternity rights, grievances and much more. Tribunal claims can be expensive to defend, both in terms of money and wasted management time. Sentient’s policy is to provide pragmatic employment law advice that minimises any chance of a tribunal being brought and saves management time and expense resolving employment law issues.

Do you really need employment law advice?

For small and medium sized organisations it is virtually impossible for the employer to keep up to date with Legislation. Employment Law is constantly changing and specialist knowledge is often required to understand what any changes may mean for the actual operation of the business. Hiring the relevant level of expertise to work within the business is often prohibitive. This is where employment law advice from Sentient comes in.

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When should I seek employment law advice?

Employment legislation places obligations on the employer even before a new employee is taken on. Claims can be brought by applicants in certain circumstances even if they were not employed. Employers can make mistakes in job advertisements that ask for qualifications that are not needed, or errors can be made in application forms by asking for "wrong" information or by asking "wrong questions" at interview. Sentient provides employment law advice to employers to ensure that the possibility of discrimination claims on grounds of race, sex, religion, age or disability are minimised in any period of employment. 

What employment law advice do we provide?

Sentient provides advice on all aspects of employment law from before the employee is taken on, until after they leave and everything in between. We start by ensuring that expectations are set with employees by having unequivocal contracts of employment. We have found that in some organisations contracts have been established over time which can result in inconsistencies and omissions, for example when areas have only ever had verbal agreements and not been documented. This inevitably leads to problems in the future, such as with discipline, absences and holiday issues. Providing a contractual framework for the employee ensures that any employer/employee disagreements in the future are far easier, less time consuming and less costly to handle for the employer. In addition it provides reassurance for the employer that they are complying with appropriate employment law.

Once employee contracts have been established Sentient are then on hand to provide employment law advice to the employer to deal with issues that crop up on a day to day basis. We know that most problems for employers walk in on two legs and deal with them all regularly. Issues surrounding employees that perform poorly or have repeated or lengthy absences are commonplace for us. As are dismissals and redundancy issues.  We are also regularly asked about maternity/paternity rights and how to handle grievance issues. In fact we offer employment law advice regarding just about anything from age discrimination to whistle blowing. Whatever employment law advice you require, we can help you. 

How do we provide employment law advice?

Our employment law consultants are flexible and provide employment law advice for employers in a variety of ways. We work with you however you want us to work. From ad hoc contracts for dealing with specific issues such as a pending tribunal, to yearly “all you can eat” contracts, providing a complete employment law advisory service, we will work with you and your business to ensure all essential employment law issues are covered. We are available to guide you through the whole process, by offering telephone advice, providing you with all the letters and documents you may need and being on site to advise or assist with employee meetings. We will provide you with all the documentation and letters needed for typical employment law queries, tailored where appropriate for specific issues. We provide as little or as much employment law advice as you need and can therefore usually suit all budgets.

Who are our employment law advisors?

emlployment law advice from lawyerOur employment law team consists of consultants who are either legally qualified in employment law, or are CIPD accredited with considerable experience with the type of employment law advice being offered. They ensure that you are kept fully up to date with changes in the law and the implications that those changes may mean for your business. We operate a continuous backup service and offer employment law advice for employers 24 x 7, meaning you can sleep safe in the knowledge that the resolution of any employment law issues are being looked after by Sentient.


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