Food Safety Management Systems 

Food safety management systems are required by law by all organisations involved in the manufacturing, retailing or food catering business. Any Food Hygiene Management System should be based on the principles of HACCP.

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Food Safety Management Systems look at the activities involved with handling, preparation and storage of food in ways that will avoid potentially serious health hazards. The level of documentation a business requires depends on the nature and size of that business. Food Safety Management Systems are an essential component in providing evidence to an Environmental Health Officer that the food produced is safe.

At least one person in any food business must be adequately trained in the running of the Food Safety Management System. The correct implementation of a Food Safety Management System demonstrates the organisations legal compliance and helps with its food hygiene rating.

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We work with clients to identify the level of documentation that is right for them and help them produce what they need or review what is already in place. There are numerous food safety standards depending on your location and exact nature of your business. Each comes with different legal and regulatory requirements. Ensuring that you use the most suitable standard for your operation is crucial.

Our bespoke Food Safety Management Systems are put together by qualified Food Safety Consultants so they meet the needs of clients and all the relevant external bodies such as BRC Accreditation, EFSIS Approval, SALSA Approval etc.

Food Safety Management Systems for Manufacturing

We are experienced in providing:

Food Safety Management Systems for Catering and Retail

We can provide you with a Food safety management manual for caterers. Based on your hazard analysis it includes straightforward procedures for safe food handling.  It is easy to use when training staff and is inclusive of all due diligence monitoring and record keeping forms.

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Once a Food Safety Management System has been constructed for a business it should describe every procedure necessary to ensure high levels of food safety continue routinely. Such procedures should include practical matters such  as; how to implement an effective cleaning program, how to avoid cross contamination of raw and cooked foods. It should also address ways to prevent pest nuisance or infestation.

Our Food Safety Management System consultants work with you to ensure that these types of considerations can be integrated in to your daily routines and that each member of staff in your organisation understands their role in the process. Crucial to any Food Safety Management System is that the correct procedures continue to happen even in the absence of a key member of personnel.

Our Food Safety and HACCP qualified consultants can also deliver appropriate training for chefs, cooks and food handlers to improve competence and meet legal requirements.

Our Food Safety Management Systems consultants then provide further support through consultancy projects, planned programmes of work or Annual Service Agreements.