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Food Safety consultants and Health & Safety outsourcing for businesses. Sentient provide businesses with advice on food safety policy and management systems. Food Safety Training on Food Hygiene standards are also available.

making great food safety standard

All restaurants, caterers and businesses producing, processing and selling food must comply with food safety rules and regulations. The UK is governed by the Food Hygiene Regulation, held to specific rules for handling and processing foods.

Sentient’s advice and practical training will help employers stay away from any possible food poisoning scandal.

food safety legislation

Learning the basics of UK food safety legislation is essential for any employers of a business that sells food. It can be difficult to keep up to date with regulation changes and understand which rules apply to your business. Getting something wrong, such as management procedures, employee training or disclosed information requirements, could prove very costly for your business and your reputation.

Sentient have a team of health and safety industry experts who’s mission it is to remain up to date on all things food safety. They have the documents and understanding to be able to assist business in creating long-term plans for managing their team and standards. We aim to curate business who hold themselves to a high standard and have all their lawfully required documents in place. We also act as a soundboard, answering questions around legislation and providing up to date advice.

Contact us for a full and compete food safety audit, or for some advice on how best to follow food safety legislations.

food safety management system documentation

Sentients’ food safety consultants provide expert advice on setting up and running a food safety management system based on HACCP principles. Our food safety advisors ensure you keep on top of the necessary administration – we will provide a practical structure for your workflow as well as documentation.

We want to ensure businesses that sell food have the right written policies and records on file. Management systems need to be routinely reviewed, and employers should document how they comply with industry standards. Sentient will help you identify areas that need addressing, how your management systems can be improved – through an audit – and review all your paperwork. We can produce or help supply any documents you may be missing – businesses need only contact us to arrange a review.

food safety audit

Getting Sentient to do a food safety audit for your company is the best way of understanding where your business is at risk. We provide an objective professional opinion of your business’s management systems, staff procedures, policies and documents.

Our team of auditors will follow HACCP principles, identifying critical points and keeping records along the way to show procedures are working. Sentient have been providing auditing services to the food industry for over 20 years; even acting as liaison officers between employers and their suppliers. All of our auditing team are ex-environmental health officers and therefore know what an EHO inspection will be looking out for, able to advise employers on how best to prepare their business.

To make use of the Sentient auditing team’s services, contact us to get in touch.

HACCP advice

The HACCP is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. It directs employers on how to manage the food hygiene and safety procedures of their business.

It is required of employers to develop their own procedures based on HACCP principles. This is to remove or reduce the three main food safety hazards: Microbiological, Chemical, Physical.

To learn the HACCP principles and how to perform best practices, see more.

food safety training for businesses

Sentient offers a wide variety of training, covering all aspects of helath and safety, fire safety and food safety.  We will equip your directors, managers, supervisors and/or team leaders with the knowledge and skills to deal with a whole range of food safety issues. Not only do we cover the food safety basics, but also legal aspects of managing employees, helping managers and supervisors understand the human aspects of managing employees. We promise a much more effective outcome than any other food safety training course for businesses. 

Food safety training can be individual courses on specific topics or form part of a management development programme. It is important that your managers and supervisors are aware of how to handle food-related safety issues legally, preventing your business from being at risk of unnecessary claims.

Our training courses are varied and people-led, applicable to all industries and sectors. We offer both on-site training courses and virtual e-learning courses; available for you choose whichever suits your organisation and your timescale best.

food hygiene at work FAQs

We answer the most frequently asked questions by employers on food hygiene and safety:

What are the HACCP principles?

How to make a food hygiene book?

What is a food safety code of conduct?

What food safety certification do I need?

How can employer’s take responsibility for food safety?

As an employer, it’s important to understand the answer to frequently asked food hygiene questions in order to improve safety and build successful food safety management systems. Stay up to date by reading our information and contacting Sentient’s food safety consultancy team.