HACCP Advice (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

Sentient provide HACCP advice to caterers, retailers, food processors and any other organisations involved in the preparation or manufacture of food. Food safety standards are important not only to consumers, but also in terms of the employers reputation, profits and employees jobs.

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All food businesses must have a food safety management system based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point principles. Known as HACCP, this helps to ensure that food produced from your premises is safe to eat. HACCP advice from Sentient is designed to help food companies minimisethe risk or the possibility of harm from food.

Hazard analysis reviews must happen annually, whenever things change, such as products or equipment, or when something goes wrong.

HACCP advice for Caterers and Retailers

We can help you identify the hazards in your business that could harm consumer health and wellbeing. The HACCP advice we provide will:

HACCP advice for food manufacturers and butchers

We can:

risk flow chart

All our HACCP advisors have many years experience in the industry and have all been Environmental Health Officers in the past, so they know exactly what is required to pass an EHOinspection. Our HACCP advisors work with you to produce the documentation and procedures required to establish a robust food safety management system. It is crucial that your employees are actively engaged to ensure they understand and can run the system in the future and are fully trained in food safety and hygiene matters. All the HACCP advice and training we provide therefore is aimed at ensuring that your staff have the skills and knowledge to maintain sound procedures and records so that you comply with relevant legislation and produce food safely.