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Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance, cover yourself for the cost of defending an Employment Tribunal or Health and Safety prosecution.

Legal Expenses Insurance 

Legal Expense Insurance cover has become an essential part of many organisations\' business plans. Its easy to see why. The Employment Tribunal Service statistics showed a 75% increase in the number of sex discrimination claims registered at Tribunal for the 12 months ending 31st March 2013.

There seem to be an ever increasing number of employment laws that businesses are exposed to and keeping up with changes is a potential minefield. Unless the business has in house expertise it puts enormous strain on the organisation to ensure compliance, with inevitable consequences. Sustaining the cost of defending an Employment Tribunal or Health & Safety prosecution, even when you are in the right can be an enormous burden on any organisation.

Legal fees or compensation awards as a result of employment disputes or health and safety claims can severely affect the financial stability of a business. A Commercial Legal Expense Insurance policy sourced by Sentient protects a business from the uncertainty of such situations. It provides the business owner with the peace of mind that the unknown costs of defending a case are covered.

What does Legal Expenses Insurance Cover Include

In the event of claims, a Legal Expense Insurance policy protects you against representation costs, commercial settlements and compensation awards. It gives the business owner the option to defend a claim to the fullest extent safe in the knowledge that and financial impact on the business is minimised. What better way to support the legal advice provided for you by Sentient?

Typical events that would be covered by Sentient’s Legal Expense Insurance include;

1.  Employment tribunals – Covers costs associated with defending claims from employees for events such as unfair dismissal or some form of discrimination.

2.  Employment awards – Covers costs associated with compensation awards in the event of failure at employment tribunal.

3.  Defence costs – Covers the costs associated with defending a prosecution, for example under Health and Safety legislation.

Sentient provides legal advice and Commercial Legal Expense Insurance through solicitors authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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