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Available Online Courses

Online Training

Sentient offer online training to complement our extensive range of classroom based courses. Our video based online training offers significant advantages to organisations and individuals.

Online training reduces disruption and travel costs as it can be completed from work or home. It is immediate, can be taken at any time and allows the student to work through the material at their own pace. If there is something they don’t understand they can go over the material again. Access is through PC, Laptop, Tablet or with an Internet connection.

The on line training is video based which means it is far more interactive, engaging, and provides a rich and effective learning experience. Questions at the end of each section test knowledge and a certificate can be printed on completion of the course to act as proof of learning.

Please note there is a vast range of other courses available, not just those ones on show. The easiest way to view the full listing is to go into one of the sections and press any green button marked 'Buy Now'. This takes you to the E-learning Suite and at the bottom of the box will be a section that states 'Click here to see all the courses we have available'.

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