7th April 2009


 Issue No.  2009/08




This update is to remind you that from 6th April 2009, the revised rates for the following standard weekly allowances will be as follows:
  • Statutory Sick Pay increases from £75.40 to £79.15 per week
  • Statutory Maternity/Adoption/Paternity Pay increases from £117.18 to £123.06 per week
From 5th April 2009 employers who do not qualify for Small Employer's Relief (SER) can recover 92 per cent of the SMP/SAP/SPP paid to their employees.
Employers who do qualify for SER can recover 100 per cent of the SMP/SPP/SAP paid to their employees plus 4.5 per cent compensation.
For the 2009-2010 tax year a 'small employer' is an employer who paid (or was liable to pay) total gross Class 1 NICs of £45,000 or less in the individual employee's qualifying tax year. Unsurprisingly these have not been similarly increased and are the same thresholds as last year.





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