12th January 2007


 Issue No.  2007/02



No, this is not a weather report! Even though it seems we can thank global warming for the warmest temperatures since records began, this time of year can result in some adverse weather conditions. Therefore we recommend the following

  • Access/egress points
    Have a plan in place to ensure that paths and access/egress points are free from ice, snow, slip hazards.
  • Vehicles
    Remind all car drivers to check their vehicles are fit for the road. For example:
    • Ensuring that the lights and indicators work,
    • the windscreen wipers are in good condition,
    • the washer bottles filled,
    • checking tyre pressure and tread

This list is not exhaustive, but the above are a few examples of what simple checks can be carried out to ensure that the vehicles are safe to use during the winter months.

  • Bicycle riders
    Remind bicycle riders the need to have suitable lighting and clothing, specifically headgear.


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