17th September 2009


 Issue No.  2009/18



  Changes in First Aid Training

On 1 October the HSE is introducing changes to the first aid training requirements. 
The legal obligation to risk assess your first aid needs and make sure you have necessary support and facilities in place still applies.  With a view to reducing the time away from work, yet improve first aid cover, changes to first aid training requirements have been introduced.  The effect on those already trained is that they will now be required to undertake an annual refresher course.  For new trainees the new arrangements will apply.
What Effect Does it Have?
Current Requirement
New from 1 Oct 09
Four day First Aid at Work course - four days
First Aid at Work (FAW) course - three days
Emergency First Aid - one day
Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) – one day
First Aid at Work Requalification every three years - two days
No change
Annual half day first aid refresher for both FAW and EFAW trained staff
Appointed Person – full day

No change
Appointed Person – half day

No change
Paediatric First Aid

No change
What Do I need to Do?
  • First step is to carry out or review your First Aid Risk Assessment. 
  • Secondly when you know what should be in place, carry out an audit of what is in place and identify any gaps
  • Thirdly – fill the gaps.  This may be by allocating responsibilities, having additional people trained and re-stocking or providing additional first aid kits.
  • This will confirm the level of first aid cover needed such that you can be confident that you have in place everything you should have.
Is There Help Available
If you would like practical assistance Sentient can help
For an initial free consultation please contact us:
Tel:  08456 446006    info@sentientuk.co.uk     www.sentientuk.co.uk
At Sentient we can:
  • Carry out the first aid risk assessment with you (for most existing clients this is done in your annual review) and help you to decide the level of provision and training that is right for your organisation
  • Provide the full range of first aid training either on your site or at one of our open courses through our fully approved first aid trainer
  • Provide advice on the first aid facilities and equipment you should have in place
The HSE web site also has information to help. http://www.hse.gov.uk/firstaid




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