28th February 2007


 Issue No.  2007/06




No, not a typo but an abbreviation for the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 which came into force on 1st Jan 2007 and have implications for all businesses / organisations.

We expect that deep down all of us would admit to having some level of responsibility to care for our environment and these new regulations are designed to force the pace somewhat. So we ask the question - Where do you stand when it comes to environmental issues and the increasing importance of harmful Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment such as, IT equipment, fluorescent lamps (tubes) and consumer electronics?

The Government sees WEEE as a major environmental challenge and recognises current management is harming the environment.

The current dire facts, according to the Environment Agency, are that:

  • In UK we currently dispose of 2M tonnes of WEEE annually
  • 90% of EEE wastage ends up in landfill sites
  • WEEE is growing by 80,000 tonnes annually
  • Hazardous components in EEE are a major concern

Care for the environment is a collective responsibility, involving everyone from SMEs and blue chip companies to national organisations, local government and homeowners. Irrespective of the timing and details of legislation, we all have a role to play and acting responsibly now will pay dividends later.

Under the Regulation there is a legal responsibility for the proper disposal of electronic equipment both in the Private and Public sector.

The Regulations will reduce the amount of electrical equipment that is placed in landfill and will require Producers and Importers to pay for the proper environmental disposal at “end of life”. Any company that produces or imports electrical equipment will be required to register with a Producer Compliance Scheme. The date for registration is 15 Mar 2007.

Other key dates are:

1st Apr 2007 Producers/Importers responsible for financing disposal of Hazardous WEEE
1st July 2007 Responsible for financing disposal of all categories of WEEE and Start of 1st compliance period
31st December 2007 End of 1st compliance period.

The WEEE Regulations will have a major impact not just on those businesses that produce or import electrical equipment but also those businesses that are end users of the equipment.

Any company that has not addressed its WEEE Liability or believes that it needs to register as Producer or Importer needs to act now. Sentient are pleased to signpost you to the following contact who will be able to advise you in detail in this growing area of regulation.

Email: info@we3recycled.co.uk
Phone 07896 916113



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