8th May 2007


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No, not a new exercise fad but primary legislation from the EU regarding chemical manufacture and storage which comes into effect on 1st June 2007. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals and is aimed at those who manufacture or import chemicals within the common market. DEFRA are the UK Government Department charged with responsibility for implementing the Directive and have appointed HSE to be the UK Competent Authority.

Registration requires industry to collect, collate and submit data to the European Chemicals Agency on the hazardous properties of all substances (with certain exceptions) manufactured or imported into the EU in quantities above 1 tonne per year. There is a phasing in process where manufacturing or importing of more than 1000 tonnes per year or substances of highest concern must be registered in the first 3 years; 100 – 1000 tonnes in the first 6 years and 1 – 100 tonnes in the first 11 years. In addition, industry should prepare risk assessments and provide control measures for using chemicals safely to downstream users.

A process of evaluation and authorisation by the authorities follows who may also introduce restrictions of use where this is shown to be necessary.










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Aims: To promote individual and organisational effectiveness in dealing with the appraisal process. Helping delegates to understand how appraisal fits into the overall business strategy, the implications for day to day management of employees, how to conduct a successful interview.









  • Understanding how the Appraisal process fits into the business context  
  • Understanding how to avoid common problems 
  • The Aims of the Appraisal interview 
  • Understanding how to structure the interview and use the documentation 
  • How to use  ‘SMART’ Objectives 
  • How to give effective feedback  
  • Reviewing and Monitoring the Appraisal process


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