12th August 2008


 Issue No.  2008/18




Our final briefing in FLT safety deals with the need to have adequate maintenance programmes.
Safety considerations include:-
  • Attachments - may alter the FLTs characteristics and rating; need to be securely fastened.
  • Battery charging  - appropriate procedures must be in place; ventilation; fire precautions; inspections required
  • Brakes, horn, safety lock or switch with removable key.
  • Dangerous moving parts - e.g. traps caused by telescopic mast sections, lifting chains etc.
  • Lifting elements - thorough examination required 12 monthly - or at intervals specified by a competent person in addition to regular maintenance requirements.  
FLTs operating for more than 40 hours per week, or used to lift people or have attachments fitted are likely to need examination at least every 6 months. Certification of the examinations must be retained.
  • Operating in potentially explosive/flammable atmospheres - petrol/LPG FLTs not to be used; electrical FLTs to be suitably protected.
  • Overhead guard if lift height exceeds 1.8m or if falling objects are foreseeable.
  • Tyre checks - inflation pressure; damage.
System of checks

     Safety equipment check

  • backrest extension;
  • guards;
  • horn;
  • fire extinguisher;
  • rating plate (SWL plate);
  • warning beacon;
  • seat belt.

     Pre-operation check

  • condition of horn;
  • brakes check;
  • fluid levels;
  • gauges;
  • hydraulic controls;
  • lights, tyres;
  • condition of seat belt.
     Periodic inspection
  • hydraulic system under load;
  • level of forks;
  • lift chains;
  • refuelling equipment;
  • tension/condition of fan belt;
  • tightness of components.

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