HR Consultants

Sentient’s HR Consultants offer advice to business in HR/Employment Law, Health & Safety and related training. We specialise in helping employers who struggle to keep on top of the fast changing pace of legislation and the administration and training that goes along with it. Whilst covering all industry sectors we have particular HR consultants with expertise in helping manufacturing and food / catering / hospitality related businesses to keep up to date with their health & safety, food hygiene and HR obligations.

Clients typically say to us:

“I worry about keeping the business and its staff safe and giving people the right contracts. But it’s just not cost effective to employ our own full time HR consultants.” Business Owner - Leeds

With Sentient, you have access to HR consultants and H&S or Environmental Health experts with nationally recognised qualifications in HR, Employment Law, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene and training without having to put them on your pay roll. It’s a cost-effective way to keep your business safe while you get on with running it.

"I don’t have time to carry out many of the HR tasks I know we should be doing. I need someone to do these for me so I can concentarte on running the business" Proprietor, Leeds

Unlike some HR consultants, we don’t simply turn up and tell you what to do – we actually get involved in doing the work with you. Once you’ve given us a clear idea of your needs, you can hand over those actions you are unsure of or don’t have time for. For example, our Health and Safety Consultants carry out risk assessments, provide training, put together workable contracts and write your health & safety and food safety policies.

Often clients will confide:

“I don’t like to admit it but we’re not up to date with all the latest HR details such as employment law and health & safety regulations. And as for risk assessments - there’s so much detail, we don’t feel fully confident to do this on our own.” Managing Director - Wakefield.


Sentient’s HR consultants and Health and Safety specialists have all the latest legal statutes, acts and regulations at their fingertips, so you don’t have to. Keeping abreast of your Health and Safety and HR policies can be quite daunting and you may well feel that you can’t see the woods for the trees......let us clarify them for you. We actually enjoy all these things you think of as necessary evils, and many more you may not even be aware of (but should be).

"I really worry about H&S inspections and insurance surveys as I’m not confident we are doing everything we should be" Business Owner Bradford.

Don’t get bogged down with health & safety policies, risk assessments, manual handling assessments, policies and procedures for fire, noise, food hygiene management, COSHH, display screens, first aid, accident reports and investigations etc. Give yourself a break and let our HR consultants and H&S experts home in on your key requirements. We’ll make sure your systems are compliant so you can be confident that when the Inspector calls or your insurance company asks for health and safety documents you are up to speed.

What do our HR consultants do?

By making sure you have issued all your staff with contracts that comply with the latest law and give you the ‘right to manage’ our HR consultants also help keep you away from employment tribunals. This will save you time and money and give you peace of mind. Building sensible disciplinary and grievance procedures, absence control systems and holiday rules will help you to run your organisation more efficiently.

Most of our clients conclude:

“We’ve got some great staff but I know we could make better use of them.” Operations Director - Bradford


Our HR consultants can advise your line managers how to deal with those difficult people problems so that they can maximise the time they have available for their main job role. We can help you choose the right training for the right people at the right time making best use of training budgets. The end result is that you can get on with the business of leading; your staff are appropriately trained and perhaps most importantly your managers acquire the skills and knowledge to help them improve and manage your systems, processes and procedures and deal with a whole range of complex staff issues.

All our services and recommendations are tailor-made to suit your business and its current circumstances.

Sentient is also a trading name of Eatons Solicitors. Eatons is a long established firm with offices in Bradford, Harrogate, IlkleyOtley and Leeds.  In 2003 it took the step of forming its own consultancy led service through the formation of Sentient.  It was formed to provide professional support to employers in the areas of Employment Law / HR Management, Health & Safety, Food Hygiene and Training.