about us

Sentient is an all-in-one HR and Health & Safety resource for corporations and small businesses. We empower businesses who perhaps do not have the luxury of qualified in-house HR department or H&S Manager, and require outsourcing for guidance and support.

Our HR and Employment Law team are experienced specialists, having worked for decades in the human resources departments of businesses and agencies. Together, we have identified and developed information, guidance, approaches, policies and procedures to deal with all things people within an organisation.

We can create rules, policies and procedures from holiday, absence, to disciplinary and grievances to Fire Safety procedures, safety rules, to preparation for Employment Tribunals. We pride ourselves on our ability to take good care of the legal side, leaving you free to run your business.

Sentient is not a regulated law firm, yet our qualified solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Our aim is to help businesses curate a thriving, healthy environment that inspires. We offer the tools and training resources to facilitate managers in becoming the HR hub within their business.

We firmly believe all businesses have the potential to become empowering, motivating, rewarding institutions.

why businesses use sentient

Effective management of situations such as redundancies or dismissals is becoming more and more complex. Regulations and legislation such as The Employment Rights Act 1996 has affected the actions of businesses. Indeed, our team have seen first-hand how a poorly dealt with situation can transcend into chaos.

Sentient offer a one-stop shop for HR, Employment Law, and Health & Safety related queries. Many businesses use our services because they’ve come across a new problem in the workplace and would like advice on how to properly manage the situation. Businesses need to be sure they do not wrongly breach an employee’s rights or act against legislation, otherwise they open themselves up to prosecution, penalties or even worse.

Large corporations and franchises use us because we deliver up to date documentation and training on how to deal with incidents, as well as representation for employment tribunals. Smaller businesses and SMEs use us as an internal HR department, developing policies and procedures that are required by law in modern workplaces.

However you want to use us, we’ll be here, ready to help you ‘make sense of it all’.

meet the team

Our HR and Employment Law experts can act as your own in-house HR department or as a sounding board for your HR team, providing help and guidance on anything from Employee Handbooks, to advising and participating in Employment Tribunals and Court Hearings. Similarly our Health and Safety Consultants are there to provide advice on risk assessments, develop your Health and Safety Policy and carry out accident investigations on an as needed basis.

Some members of our team are employed solicitors, and they are individually regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”).

sentient by romero

Sentient is part of the Romero Group, an independent group specialising in commercial insurance broking, nightlife & leisure insurance and wellbeing services.

not just another HR outsourcing firm

Our mission first and foremost, is to inspire change.

It’s why training and skill acquisition is such an important part of our offering. We offer both on-site training and e-learning. We support your people in order to empower your business. We believe in change, and that every workplace is secretly full of motivated, passionate individuals ready to be unlocked. Hence, we want to work with businesses eager to build an empathetic, personable work environment.

And second, is to deliver results.

Our wide offering of resources, insights, management strategies and procedure examples are all available, ready to be used by your managers. Implement our practical tools today to see results tomorrow. Achieve - by following our expert guidance and performing risk assessments to identify ways of working that works for you.