health and safety audit

Fresh eyes looking at workplaces often spot the hazards that those working in that environment just don’t see. A Health & Safety audit from Sentient will help employers understand where they are falling short and show how to put things right.

when would businesses require a health and safety audit?

A Health & Safety audit is a review of the processes, practices and documents relating to a business’s Health & Safety. Health & Safety auditors are an excellent service when preparing your premises for inspection, keeping businesses in-line with regulations & legal requirements.

Most businesses take their Health & Safety responsibilities very seriously, understanding the ramifications of an inspection. Awareness of issues which pose a risk to your business and staff, such as asbestos, legionella, infection and fire safety; need to be adopted into a Health & Safety policy.

what is included in the health and safety audit?

The Health & Safety audit is an appraisal of how you manage Health & Safety in your business. Our auditors will review the steps taken to control risks identified by you and how you monitor the implementation of your policies.

  • A report giving you a rating as to how well you currently perform with regard to safety management.
  • Identification of areas where you are doing well and areas where improvement is needed.
  • A bespoke action plan setting down steps to be taken to make improvements.

Our Health & Safety audit is not an inspection of your premises or a detailed examination of all your risk assessments and procedures. It is a salient comment on what our auditors see on the day of the visit.

Our Health & Safety audits can be carried out as a one off review or as part of a wider ongoing service provision tailored to suit your needs and budget.

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