HR service FAQs

We are essentially an in-house HR department for business that sits externally. Consult with us on any topic you would an internal HR manager, and we will deliver any one of a range of services.

what does human resource consultancy for businesses involve?

We offer training on leading, management and influencing for business owners, employers and managers. We provide a 24 hour helpline for businesses that require immediate HR advice. It could concern matters including grievance, disciplinary issues, absence management, flexible working, sick leave, wage rates, data protection and employment contracts and ever more areas of employment law.

Further than advice, we provide documents, policy wordings, writing services. We also can send our HR advisors to attend your premises, deliver a site audit and assist with meetings.

what are the main services provided by a HR outsourcing company?

The main, most popular services we provide involve creating workplace polices, offering a mediation service, employment tribunal representation and HR training for fire safety and first aiders. For any issues involving people or policies, employers should consult Sentient to outsourc their HR needs, avoiding the need to invest in the costly process of creating an in-house HR department. We will provide a step by step guide on solving any scenario, providing documentation, written statements and representation.

how does the employment rights act 1996 affect employers?

The Employment Rights Act of 1996 covers areas such as unfair dismissal, redundancy payments, zero hour contracts, suspension from work, flexible working, disciplinaries and termination of employment. When any of these areas are being considered, the Employments Rights Act must be read and understood by your HR representative. It must be followed to execute a fair and lawful process.

When using the Sentient team, we’re well versed in the ins and outs of these legal requirements, meaning you’re not at risk of making a potentially costly mistake.

what statutory rights do employees have?

All employees are granted certain statutory rights under UK law. Those rights include:

  • A documentation of employment to be provided within two months of commencing work
  • Payment in line with the national minimum wage according to the employee’s age
  • Statutory Sick Pay
  • Maternity, paternity and adoption leave
  • Holiday leave and pay
  • A maximum work week of 48 hours
  • Antenatal care – healthcare during pregnancy
  • Access to grievance procedures
  • Protection against unlawful discrimination

These rights should be demonstrated to an employee at some point during, or prior to, their first day of employment.

when can I get HR training?

At Sentient, we provide HR training for employers, managers and staff. We will help businesses upskill their team, and implement positive change in their working environment. Health & Safety training for employees is essential, not only to keep them safe and healthy but because it helps make them more competent in their job, thus improving productivity.

The Health & Safety training offered by Sentient consists of open and in-house courses, nationally recognised certificates such as IOSH, and CIEH, and bespoke Health & Safety training and online courses. Our courses are available either online to buy online as a webinar, or in-person with an expert at our place of work or yours.

how often do I need first aid training?

The HSE recommends first-aiders refresh their training every year. This need only be a half-a-day session. First aid certification does not last indefinitely, as a certified period is three years. A business’s responsible person and first aider should be provided with equipment in order to carry out basic first aid should a staff member fall ill or be injured. This is the responsibility of the employer.

how much does HR outsourcing cost?

The cost very much depends on the service requested, the length of time, the number of sessions, and the complexity of the service. At Sentient, it’s our mission to provide a cost-effective solution for businesses. Contact us and we’ll see how we can assist you and build a service proposition that fits your budget.