case studies

Read our case studies to see how businesses have put our services into action

fire brigade
Case Study: Fire Safety Requirements for Retail Outlet
How Sentient assisted a retail outlet fulfilling obligations from the Fire Service. the background The...
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health and safety (2)
Case Study: Bespoke Safety Guidance for a Construction Project
Excellent results for a retail unit construction project which needed Sentient’s health and safety guidance...
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bakery has
Case Study: Bakery Hygiene leads to Disciplinary Hearing
Why a bakery shop used Sentient’s services to conduct a formal disciplinary hearing and resolve a hygiene...
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activity centre
Case Study: The Necessity of Health and Safety Training for Managers
How a business going through a restructure needed Sentient’s services to provide training to management. the...
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health and safety 2
Case Study: Complying with Health and Safety Regulations
How company directors used Sentient’s services to comply with their health and safety regulations. the...
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manufacturing bcp case study
Case Study: Business Continuity Planning
We created and implemented a business continuity plan for a major manufacturer. It needed to be insurance...
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ios audit case study (1)
Case Study: ISO Certification Audit
Supporting a client through an audit process in the wake of losing their HSE Manager. Sentient's services...
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case study 4
Case Study: Mediation and Disciplinary action
A business was found in need of our mediation and disciplinary services. They came to Sentient’s HR outsourcing...
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health and safey case study
Case Study: Health & Safety engagement following a major incident
See how taking immediate action through Sentient helped save a business after inspection. Sentient's...
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case study 3
Case Study: Employee Data Theft
We detail how we assisted a business who had an ex-employee steal company data. We state the situation...
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case study 1
Case Study: Building Partnerships and Enhancing Solutions
How we worked with a national brewery alongside Romero Insurance Brokers to improve their HR offering.
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