health and safety consultants for businesses

Health and Safety Services by Sentient ensure businesses work within positive, safe and legally compliant processes. Our main aims are to reduce risk, advise on regulations, and deliver training so that your managers never endanger themselves or your staff.

your people’s health is your greatest wealth

Sentient’s mission is to help businesses thrive though pioneering safe, secure and positive workplaces that work for both employers and employees. As Health and Safety consultants for businesses, we are clued up on present health and safety standards. We quickly adopt new legislation into our tools and practices, ensuring workplaces are never caught out. We are experts at providing a guideline for managers and directors, helping them achieve what is expected of a growing business.

If you command a growing business and would like guidance on correct procedures or further health and safety training for your staff, contact Sentient’s Health and Safety team. We deliver a range of tools which have been tried and tested by market-leading businesses, effective at creating safe and successful workplaces.

workplace health and safety advice

Managing and maintaining effective Health & Safety measures can seem like a mammoth task for any business. It involves first aid, signage, reports, the correct facilities, risk assessments and insurance. Getting on top of all this is difficult, even the most competent directors can make mistakes or miss a crucial step. Any slip-up can result in a serious lawsuit and jeopardise the future of your company. That’s why Sentient, the HR and Health & Safety consultants, are here to provide accurate advice.

Sentient provide Health & Safety advice to employers to keep them legally compliant. We help reduce risk to employees and help them improve their bottom line. All our Health & Safety advice is pragmatic, with a strong focus on activities that help keep employees safe and provide cost effective and tangible benefits for the business.

We take over so you can get back to doing what you do best, running your business. Truly, with sound Health & Safety consultation, it’s easy to avoid that financial and reputational cost of prosecution.

Sentient’s Health & Safety guidance offers ongoing safety monitoring. Our consultations are the springboard to quick and efficient change which won’t disrupt your business.

health and safety audit

There are a wide range of options to consider when carrying out a Health & Safety Audit. Our consultant practitioners can support you in any number of ways which might include:

  • Carrying out a full and complete audit of your business – this may well take place in person or virtually through the analysis of your documents and policies.
  • Updating your processes, health and safety policy and paperwork to be compliant.
  • Informing you of expected future changes in health and safety legislation, as well as acts, statutes, and new regulations that will affect your processes.
  • Carrying out regular inspections and monitor your company’s progress toward a health and safety standard of excellence.
  • Providing legal and safety advice around the clock – this includes Employment Law advice and HR resources.
  • Advice on how to write and implement successful health and safety policy.
  • Advice on how to write a full and complete health and safety risk assessment.
  • Offering advice on the process of investigating workplace accidents. If required, we will visit and assist with the investigation of serious work-related emergencies.
  • Fire safety advice and how to create correct fire safety procedure.

When it comes to Health & Safety processes, Sentient are able to support every business in every industry. Because of our people-led approach, we focus on understanding your team as well as your processes.

Talk to our team to understand how we can build an audit tailored to your business.

create a health and safety policy

A Health & Safety policy is written documentation detailing who is responsible for safety in the workplace and how it is implemented. It includes statement of intent, responsibilities, and specific arrangements. Health & Safety policies are very much unique to each business, however there are guidelines that need to be followed.

The employer is responsible for ensuring that health and safety policy is available, implemented and up to date. Employers are also accountable under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, responsible for assessing risk; the health and safety policy forming part of Risk Management Strategy.

Sentient’s Health & Safety policy advisors are able to work with employers to build an Health & Safety Policy in line with legislation. We will create and review necessary documents, ensure that the policies and procedures you set up are both effective and manageable.

Learn more about what comprises a successful Health & Safety policy below.

health and safety risk assessments

Health & Safety risk assessment is an examination of what could cause harm to workers within that business. Once a hazard is identified by the Health & Safety risk assessment, the employer will need to eliminate or reduce the risk as far as is reasonably possible. The benefits of doing so include reducing injuries, complaints, sickness, and the risk of claims against the company.

Sentient provide cost effective, practical health and safety risk assessments to ensure your workplace is safe and so that you meet legal obligations as an employer. Our Health and Safety advisors are experts in both identifying risks and delivering results. Both on-site and virtual guidance is available from our team.

health and safety at work legislation

Health & Safety legislation is an issue for any organisation with five or more employees. The Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 197 places duties on all employers, even those with less than five staff members, must have health and safety practices in place, and they must be shared with employees.

Remaining in line with legislation is legally obligatory for employers, therefore knowing what legislation affects you is crucial to the success of your business.

Our team of Health & Safety Consultant Practitioners at Sentient ensure they stay up to date on legislative changes and know when new measures coming into place. Partnering with us, we can monitor your situation and keep you updated on legislation that affect you. It just one of the ways our guidance can keep your business on track and take the load of some of your employer’ responsibilities.

health and safety manager training

A large part of our offering at Sentient includes various Health & Safety Training. This can be based either on-site with practical courses, or through an e-learning portal for ease of use.

We deliver courses aimed at either employers or employees, and include topics such as first aid, food safety, fire safety, required licenses and health awareness.

Our trainers are all seasoned experts, versed in practical methods to improve staff knowledge and skills. Their aim is to create healthier and safer workplaces, able to educate on both what is required and what is expected.

Health & Safety training should be provided in a variety of circumstances, such as, on recruitment, when a job role changes, when new equipment is being introduced or when working practices change. First aid training is especially important, required annual refresher courses; the same goes for fire safety.

fire safety

Effective Fire Safety demands both risk assessments and manager training. As a ‘responsible person’, you must carry out and regularly review your fire risk assessments. These will identify what you need to do to prevent fire and keep people safe, with written records of your risk assessments if you employ more than five people. The purpose of the risk assessment is to identify fire hazards, limits the effects of a fire, and ensure occupants are aware of ‘fire first aid’, mitigating the impact of minor fires, and can evacuate safely in the instance of a larger fire.

At Sentient, we have the documentation and recommended procedures at the ready for any industry. We are also available to provide guidance on how to carry out fire safety evacuations and how to implement fire safety procedures within the every-day workplace.

Our fire risk assessors are NEBOSH Qualified and hold a Fire Risk Assessment Qualification from the Fire Protection Association. We can carry out fire risk assessments in a wide range of premises, including manufacturing premises, shops, warehouses, industrial units, workshops, food manufacturers, and church halls.

health and safety FAQs

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Sentient answers your most frequently asked questions all about a businesses health and safety.