HR consultancy services for businesses

HR Services by Sentient include everything businesses need to maintain a legally compliant and flourishing workplace. Acting as your HR partner, we’re an extension of your business, understanding you and your team, empowering them to help your business thrive.

people-led solutions to empower businesses

Sentient’s mission is to help businesses thrive though pioneering safe, secure and positive workplaces. As HR consultants for businesses, we are experts at managing HR proceedings in line with industry standards.

Sentient’s HR services are flexible, providing businesses with the tools required round the clock. Our pragmatic HR experts understand the law, as well as the day-to-day reality of managing staff, and they will always be available for you and your organisation. We’ll make sure your systems and documents are up-to-date and legal, and we’ll identify and address HR and training issues in order to boost your organisation’s performance.

Whether you’re looking for HR advice, an on-site HR advisor, HR training courses or for us to deal with a specific issue – contact us to find out more.

HR advice for employers

Employers can fall into many situations concerning their staff where they need a helping hand. For example, mediation can be very delicate; the Director perhaps has not dealt with this scenario before.

Tailored advice, or a soundboard to listen and help garner support, can make the world of difference. And when it comes to remaining within the law, employment rights, and keeping up to date with employment regulations, Sentient’s experts can provide the guidelines. The real magic is in our feedback and recommendations so you can help everyone move to a successful working relationship, and get your business back on track.

The larger your business grows, the more HR advice your company requires. More people means a higher risk of discrepancies, problems with payroll, grievance procedures and disciplinary issues. Knowing how to navigate these scenarios can be difficult, our professional advice is available for both employers and managers who want to develop their HR skillset.

HR support service

Choosing the right organisation to provide you with HR advice can be difficult and time-consuming. So, at Sentient we make it easy for you, here are a things about us you should know:

When it comes HR, there is no industry Sentient cannot work alongside. It’s our people-led focus that makes us confident we can support any business in any industry. However, we also have specialised expertise and methods perfect for industry-specific HR problems.

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redundancy advice

If you need to make some employees redundant, Sentient’s HR experts guide you through the process step-by-step, ensuring a fair procedure for both your organisation and your staff.

The employer is responsible for ensuring that a genuine redundancy situation exists under the Employment Rights Acts 1996. Implementing a fair procedure is key to a fair redundancy dismissal and will depend upon the circumstsances.

We offer a redundancy consultation service to provide advice on the step-by-step process. Collective Consultation may be required if 20 or more employees are affected by the planned redundancy. If collective Collective Consultation is required, this will involve consulting with trade unions or employee representatives. We are able to navigate employers through this complex process and ensure all parties remain within legislation.

Our HR experts can also help with the documentation confirming entitlements. The redundancy process will differ from case to case, therefore it’s best to contact a HR advisor form Sentient as soon as possible.

disciplinary and grievance procedure advice for employers

Where we differ from many other consultancies is that we will actually work with you in your business. Rather than just providing generic HR advice about a grievance procedure and letting you get on with it, if you prefer, we will ask for the grievance letter, and help identify the issues being raised, to help focus the grievance hearing on the key issues; we can write all the necessary correspondence; and should you wish for even closer support, we can attend and oversee any meetings. We work as if we were part of your team from the start to the conclusion of the process.

Disciplinary issues are also within our remit. We can formulate a plan of action for your business when disciplining individuals, and follow up by producing appropriate documents to be used.  Dismissal letters may be evidence in an Employment Tribunal, so we can ensure the letters are worded appropriately and not prejudicial to any potential defence of an unfair dismissal claim. Getting employment law wrong could be costly, not only from a financial viewpoint but also from a reputation and employee relations perspective.

We provide employers with the peace of mind that this difficult situation is being taken care of by seasoned experts.

HR training courses and HR e-learning

Our HR training courses are varied and a cost-effective way of educating your  directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders etc. We provide awareness training on issues such as employment law, equality and diversity; as well as courses on managing absence, managing discipline, conducting investigations, recruitment, TUPE, managing employees during the probationary period and many more. If you have instances of these in your workplace, you may consider implementing training for your  employees with responsibility for subordinates.

We offer in-person on-site training where a member of the Sentient team visits your premises and delivers practical training sessions; or we can offer virtual courses, where through e-learning your managers can learn about practical solutions rapidly  and impart that knowledge back to your team.

Our training is designed to be in tandem with your business’s workflow, not impacting your processes.

human resource consultancy FAQS

What does Human resource consultancy involve?

How does the Employment Rights Act 1996 affect me?

When can I get HR training?

How often do I need First Aid training?

How much does HR outsourcing cost?

If you find yourself wanting the answers to these questions, then talk to us today.

HR services for small businesses

A large part of our offering at Sentient is applicable to small businesses. We understand staying on top of HR functions can be difficult when small business CEOs are busy running their company. Let us take that off your hands.

Our HR services include the full application of our HR team; we provide employers with the necessary HR policies and documents required of their small business. Our mediation services offer step-by-step advice for any scenario which could impact colleague relationships within small businesses. Contracts, HR policies, payroll, tribunals, entitlements, hours and rates – Sentient will provide accurate advice, or make the decisions for you.

The many small businesses who work with us also want training. Our large catalogue of training courses apply to a wide range of industries. Whether one of your team members want to advance, needs an awareness course, or you want to improve your management and negotiation skills – our e-learning courses can be cost-effective solution.