HR classroom based training

On-site training held at our office or yours. Classroom training ensures the best possible learning outcomes and a detailed interactive course. Our tutors are all specialists in their field, able to deliver practical workplace measures. Ideal for employers, staff members and management; our training days ensure your team members will be up to scratch on new practices and can bring their knowledge back to implement within your premises.

classroom based training

at our office or on-site

How to set up a disciplinary Hearing

Who should be involved

Management Side

Employee Side – Role of the companion

What to put in a letter to the employee


The Hearing


Putting the management case

Listening to the employees ‘defence’

Summing up

Making a decision

Delivering the verdict

Formal V Informal Action

Seriousness of the issue(s)

Who should investigate?

Preparing an investigation plan

Witness statements

Investigation Report

Presenting the Facts

Identifying the need

Job descriptions and Person Specification

Drafting the Advert

Legal Considerations (EO)



Setting up interviews

The Interview

Who does what


Listening skills

Making Notes

Making a decision

Informing the successful Candidate

Informing the rest

Reasons for Absence

Authorised v Unauthorised

Keeping Records


Sickness Absence

Short term absence

Long term absence


Welfare Meetings

Dismissal on Health Grounds

Background and last 50 years

Equality Act 2010

Protected characteristics

Types of Discrimination

Prejudice and unconscious bias

What is no longer acceptable

Case Law

Respect in the workplace

Identifying Performance Issues

Informal Approach

Taking it to the formal stage

Can’t do v won’t do

Gathering the evidence

Setting up a hearing

The Hearing


Performance Improvement plans

All our workshops are run by experts in their field, each highly qualified with industry experience. Sentient’s workshops provide a certificate for each delegate to prove their attendance.

To get started and discuss when and where you require an in-person classroom training workshop, contact us. Fill in our enquiry form below with your business address and desired course.