Case Study: Bakery Hygiene leads to Disciplinary Hearing

Why a bakery shop used Sentient’s services to conduct a formal disciplinary hearing and resolve a hygiene health and safety issue.

the background

Following a bakery shop manager phoning in sick on a Monday morning, another manager was sent in to cover. They discovered a number of concerns regarding food hygiene within the establishment.

the challenge

An investigation looked into why the premises were in such a poor state. A colleague of the absent manager had made a number of allegations of the company, allegation specifically regarding the manager. This spurred a more detailed investigation into why these hygiene issues existed and where the failings resided.

the solution

Sentient were contacted to advise on the process and asked how quickly we could proceed to disciplinary action.

Sentient advised on the investigation, ensured it was thorough. This involved speaking to witnesses, taking photographic evidence, checking documentation and calling the manager into an investigation interview.

the result

Having completed the full investigation, the matter proceeded to a formal disciplinary hearing for potential gross misconduct due to the seriousness of the hygiene matters and potential risk to customers. In light of the evidence against them the employee decided to offer their resignation with immediate effect, which was accepted.

Through Sentient’s support, the business was able to satisfactorily and legally resolve the issue. We provided advice and email templates as standard, and have helped the bakery put in place measures to ensure their employees are well trained and understand the obligations of their role.

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