The Paternity Leave (Bereavement) Act 2024

One of the last pieces of legislation to come into law following the conservative party calling an election was one which gives working fathers, non-birthing partners, or a person with whom a child has been (or is expected to be) placed, the right to immediate paternity leave should the mother die during childbirth. In summary: […]

Stress In The Workplace Webinar

Stress is a key factor in managing your employees wellbeing. By not being able to identify the signs of stress, you could be reducing business productivity and more importantly, putting your team at risk of burn out or worse. This webinar will explore a range of topics of how you can manage stress at work […]

Company Fined After a Delivery Driver Fell From a Vehicle

A delivery driver fell and suffered a traumatic brain injury while working at a company’s site. The company has since been prosecuted and fined £380,000 plus costs. Information On the 28th July 2022, the driver was delivering fuel to the company’s timber processing site for use in a temporary diesel generator, when he fell from a […]

April is Stress Awareness Month

Do you know that April 2024 is ‘Stress Awareness Month’?  This campaign has been around for over 30 years with the purpose of increasing public awareness of the causes of and potential cures for stress. Stress continues to be a major issue in society today, with around 75% of people saying stress has made them feel […]

Council Worker Wins Record £4.6m at Tribunal

Claimant awarded ‘unprecedented’ payment after being sacked while on sick leave. A council employee who was dismissed after taking sick leave for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following the Grenfell Tower fire has been awarded a record £4.6m by an employment tribunal for disability discrimination and harassment.   Background The employee worked for a Council in one of the […]

Rate Increases Update 2024

The Government have announced the following rate changes that are due to take effect in April 2024; some are subject to Parliamentary approval. The Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order 2024 comes into force on 6th April 2024. This Order makes the following changes: For more support on the latest HR regulations and recommendations, access our […]

Menopause Guidance

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has issued new guidance for employers on Menopause in the Workplace which can be found here. The guidance advises that menopause symptoms can be considered a disability if they have a long-term and substantial impact on a woman’s ability to carry out normal daily activities.  In these circumstances, […]

Managing Workplace Relationships

Workplace Relationships Acceptable conduct in the workplace is an essential element in what makes a truly cohesive and supportive workplace. Sadly, this is not always achieved and no-one could have missed extensive media attention into allegations that some key figures have abused their position. Positive personal relationships, of course, have been formed in the workplace […]

Amendment to National Minimum Wage Regulations

Under the 2015 National Minimum Wage Regulations, an exemption applied to live in domestics, which decreed that a person carrying out tasks whilst living in an employer’s home is not work; and the employer was exempt from paying the minimum wage. The purpose was to facilitate au-pair placements in the UK and, in exchange for […]

Sexual Harassment: A Recent Case Example

An employer has had to pay compensation in excess of £50,000 to a former employee who was sexually harassed by her manager and some colleagues who thought their behaviour was normal “workplace banter”.  Background Shortly after commencing employment with a well-known retail chain, the employee was subjected to unwanted advances and inappropriate comments by a […]