Employment Law Training

Sentient provide employment law training that keeps your managers and supervisors up to date with changes in the legislation and what new interpretations of case law mean for the employer in practice. It can be a difficult job keeping up to date with all the legal changes and what they mean in the workplace – a job that can prove very expensive if you get it wrong. Having competent managers who understand how to deal effectively with HR issues improves the productivity and success of an organisation and helps prevent time consuming employment law issues arising.


Sentient offer a wide variety of employment law training which cover all aspects of employment law and which will equip your employees to deal with a whole range of HR issues with confidence. Not only do we cover the legal aspects of managing employees, we also help managers and supervisors understand the human aspects of managing employees, giving a much more effective outcome for any employment law training session. At the end, its not just a case of what you do but how you do it.

Employment law training can constitute individual courses on specific topics or form part of management development programmes. It is important that your managers and supervisors are aware of how to handle HR issues legally to prevent your business being at risk of tribunal claims.

What areas can our employment law training cover?

We provide a number of off the shelf employment law training programmes along with bespoke courses, tailored to the exact needs of the organisation. Typical topics that we commonly cover include:

All our consultants who deliver employment law training are highly experienced HR practitioners and trainers who have worked with a wide variety of business types. Employment law training from Sentient is designed from the bottom up – to suit the needs of your business. They are highly interactive and structured so that the training promotes confidence in employees and the knowledge and skills gained can be used immediately in real life situations.

All our employment law training is available on your premises or off-site and at times to suit you. For more information on our off the shelf employment law training courses please click here. For more information about our bespoke courses please give us a call on the number below.