Employment Tribunal & ACAS Webinar

Our latest webinar, hosted by our Human Resources and Employment Law experts, will cover the topic of Employment Tribunals and Acas.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday 27th March with two different times to choose from.

This webinar will give businesses an introduction to the following key information related to Employment Tribunals and ACAS:

  • Background of Employment Tribunals
  • Where the Employment Tribunal came from
  • Types of disputes they deal with
  • Background of ACAS
  • The role of ACAS
  • Overview of ACAS Early Conciliation Procedure
  • Overview of Tribunal Procedure
  • What to do / What not to do when contacted by ACAS or the Tribunal

This webinar will be a fantastic opportunity to learn more about how to protect your business, and handle any tribunal claims if they do occur.

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