Employment Law Advice for Employers 

Sentient are specialists at providing Employment Law advice for employers of all sizes and all types of businesses. We have been providing employment law advice to organisations in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and surrounds for over 20 years. We help employers cut through the jargon and red tape that surrounds Employment Law. We help employers deal with employees in ways that maximisesbenefits for the company and minimises the possibility of tribunal claims being made by employees against them.

What areas of employment law advice do we cover?


Typical employment law advice that employers ask us for include how to manage absence issues and how to discipline or dismiss an employee legally in a way that minimises any chance of a tribunal claim being brought. We are also commonly asked about maternity/paternity rights and how to handle grievance issues. In fact our solicitors offer employment law advice regarding just about anything from age discrimination to whistle blowing. We provide advice on a day to day basis on the following;

Employment contracts, employee handbooks, consultancy agreements, director’s service agreements.

HR policies – recruitment policies, equal opportunities policies, whistleblowing policies, car policies. 

Grievance and disciplinary issues. 

Settlement agreements. 

Redundancy advice.

Family friendly rights: maternity, paternity, parental leave and pay.

Flexible working. 

Absence management.

Sick pay and prolonged absences.

Holiday entitlement and pay. 

National minimum wage rates.

Working time – hours/breaks. 

Representation at employment tribunals. 

Claims for unfair, wrongful or constructive dismissal. 

Discrimination claims. 

Restrictive covenants and confidentiality clauses. 

Data protection. 

Employment issues arising from mergers and acquisitions (TUPE).

Employment law advice from our consultants and solicitors is flexible and provided in a variety of ways. From ad hoc contracts, such as dealing with specific issues such as a pending tribunal, to yearly “all you can eat” contracts which would provide a complete employment law advisory service. We are happy to work however you wish. This could even include working with you in your business on a part time or full time basis to ensure all essential employment law issues are covered. We are available to guide you through the whole process, by offering telephone advice, providing you with all the letters and documents you may need and being on-site to advise or assist with employee meetings. We provide as little or as much employment law advice as you need and can suit all budgets.

When should I seek employment law advice?

Most employers understand that there are rules and legal requirements they have to work within and that this starts with the first employees taken on. What they sometimes fail to realise is that there are laws in place even before a person is given the job, which if breached could result in the potential employee pursuing a discrimination claim in an employment tribunal. For example, by requesting in the job advertisement qualifications that are not necessary, asking “wrong” interview questions or asking for “wrong” information on an application form could put you at risk. These, plus many more traps for employers could lead to claims on grounds of discrimination, for age, sex, religion, disability or race, all of which can have unlimited awards. Employment Law advice from Sentient keeps organisations on the right side of the law, from before the employee starts employment until after he/she leaves.

It is important that employers clearly state what their expectations of employees are at the outset. This can be done by ensuring the employee has comprehensive and unequivocal contracts of employment which spell out the needs of the business and policies and procedures the employee is required to follow. Many contracts of employment have been established over time by custom and practice, or hard to prove verbal agreements. If this is you it could be a problem waiting to happen.

Sentient provide employment law advice for employers that ensures vital content is included in any such contract of employment. It gives the employer the peace of mind that they are not only legally compliant, but they have secured the right to manage. 

Why would I need employment law advice?

Employment Law is constantly changing and it is a difficult task for employers to keep up to date with the legislation itself, without having to understand what it means for their businesses and what changes may need to be implemented. Specialist employment law advice is often required, but this can be a very expensive commodity for the small and medium sized business to have as a permanent resource in the organisation

lawyer advising clients

Our employment law advisors are either qualified employment law solicitors or are CIPDaccredited with considerable experience with the type of employment law advice being offered. We will provide you with all the documentation and letters needed for typical employment law queries, tailored where appropriate for specific issues. Employment law advice from Sentient also ensures that you are kept fully up to date with changes in the law and the implications that those changes may mean for your business. We operate a continuous backup service and offer employment law advice 24 x 7, meaning you can sleep safe in the knowledge that the resolution of any employment law issue is being looked after by Sentient.