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tuesday 27th february 2024
10.00 – 11.30

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health & safety webinar:
driving at work

Our latest webinar will cover the following topics:

This webinar will give businesses the following information on how to effectively manage vehicle and employee risks when driving at work:

  • Definition of what driving at work is and the different types of fleet.
    • From collecting some stationary to full time delivery couriers what falls within the scope of employers responsibilities.
  • Company responsibilities to protect your workforce.
    • What Health and Safety legislation is applicable to driving at work and what we must do.
  • Assessing the risks and setting out good driving practices.
    • Running through a set of different hazards which could be encountered on the roads. From getting lost to confrontation with the public. We run through different scenarios and what we must plan for.
  • Common claim trends and how to prepare for an incident.
    • Linking with our award winning Insurance Claims Teams and what they see in trends of different fleets.
  • How current technologies can assist in managing safety.
    • Looking at techniques to improve Health & Safety using technologies.
  • How Sentient can help to keep you compliant.
    • Looking at the ways in which Sentient can assist in fleet safety including a presentation on the new client portal and useful driving safely tools.

These are interactive sessions, and participants are encouraged to join in the conversation and ask questions.

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