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What are the benefits of outsourcing HR?

HR - 19th January 2022

Whatever the size of your business, proper human resources management is vital to a smoothly run operation. Hiring a HR team can be costly, could outsourcing be a better solution? 

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Why your business needs a health and safety audit

Health and Safety - 10th January 2022

As any business owner knows, it can be all too easy to feel that one is getting wrapped up in red tape. So it’s not surprising that there is a temptation to focus on the mandatory requirements of running a business and give less priority to the voluntary ones.

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The benefits of a well organised Health & Safety system

Health and Safety - 30th December 2021

When you run a business, it comes with many responsibilities, Health & Safety may seem like one of the areas that can be left to others to oversee, but it is far too important to ignore completely.

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The Sentient guide to making redundancies

HR - 10th December 2021

It’s an unfortunate fact of working life that we all have to sometimes take actions we would rather not. But as the world, and businesses, change, sometimes this is unavoidable.

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Everything you need to know about fire risk assessments

Health and Safety - 11th October 2021

Every year around 20,000 businesses are affected by fire. For many, this marks the end for them as the damage caused and the consequences make it impossible to continue. 

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