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Reporting Hours


Is it Time to Re-introduce the Clock Card System? Some organisations will already operate a clock card system or a similar, more technological method such as a swipe card system, for...

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GDPR....... "Not another email about GDPR!!!!" I hear you cry! Afraid so, but just to let you know that the Data Protection Act 2018 finally received Royal Assent on 23rd May 2018 (all...

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THE GDPR THING – PROCESSING DATA Given the flurry of emails we are no doubt all getting that seek ‘opt-in’ consent to receive future emails, we thought a reminder of the...

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Gender Pay Gap Reporting


STATUTORY RATE INCREASES & GENDER PAY GAP REPORTING The start of a new tax year always heralds in a few changes and we therefore remind you of the rates as set...

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SNOW DAYS OFF – PAID OR UNPAID? The current extreme winter weather conditions continue to cause problems resulting in difficulties for people getting to and from work.  In addition, if...

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Pensions and Payslips


PENSIONS - AND - PAYSLIPS FAILING TO COMPLY WITH AUTO-ENROLMENT  The First Prosecution In its first prosecution, The Pension Regulator (TPR) has singled out a small family owned business (a bus...

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Whats in Store


2018 - What's in Store As we start 2018, we are kicking off our Information Updates with an overview of some of the things on the agenda for 2018. STATUTORY PAYMENTS INCREASE...

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Tribunal Fees


WATCH OUT – MORE EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL CASES ARE LOOMING At this time of year, employers are usually in buoyant mood looking forward to some well-earned holiday.  However, this week’s Supreme...

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